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  • Breville Electric Wok BEW820BSS

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    Breville Electric Wok BEW820BSS
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    Breville Electric Wok BEW820BSS

    This Breville electric wok has a large 8 litre capacity, able to steam and is very powerful. With Thermal Pro high wall heat, the optimally engineered 2400 watt element ensures searing heat across the entire cooking surface, while the thick aluminium layers maintain the high heat necessary for crisp stir fries. The temperature probe allows you to try various cooking techniques from caramilise, simmer, steam, fry and stir-fry with temperatures up to a searing 218°C, emulating authentic Asian style gas cooking. High capacity stainless steel steaming tray fits one 2kg duck, 2 plate sized snappers, 8 BBQ pork buns and up to 16 dumplings.

    • Capacity: 8 litres
    • Non-Stick Cooking Surface: Eterna PFOA free is a reinforced multi-coat system with a unique composite to retain non-stick properties longer than other non-sticks
    • Cooking Surface Construction: Heat responsive cast aluminium to maintain high searing heat for crisp stir frys. Breville woks are made from cast aluminium to conduct heat quickly and efficiently. To emulate Asian style cooking, the woks need to get hot and stay hot, even when cooking a lot of ingredients. Breville's premium woks features thick aluminium for noticeably superior cooking performance
    • Quick Release Base: The dishwasher safe wok bowl can be easily removed from base for cleaning. Some Breville woks allow you to separate the cooking surface from the base for easier cleaning and to fit more easily into the dishwasher. Breville's best wok has a one touch sliding mechanism on the side of the base to make removal and reassembly faster and easier
    • Butterfly Heating Elements: Improve heat distribution, and help the whole cooking area get hotter quicker, the circular element is folded in on itself in a butterfly shape
    • Glass Lid: for optimum visibility and an adjustable steam vent built into the handle
    • Variable Temperature Control: Caramelise, simmer, steam, fry, stir fry and keep warm
    • Cool to touch handles
    • Dishwasher safe wok bowl & toughened glass lid
    • Stainless steel steaming tray with water pouring window allows you to monitor the water level and refill easily for continuous steaming
    • Power: 220 - 240 Volts, 2400 Watts
    • Warranty: 1 Year Replacement